ForgePoint Capital announced that it closed its second fund with $450 million in capital commitments. 

“Fund II, the industry’s largest fund focused exclusively on cybersecurity, enables us to continue to invest in early-stage and select growth companies addressing the most pressing security challenges facing individuals, businesses and governments,” ForgePoint wrote in a post. 

With $750 million now secured, ForgePoint said it plans to focus on cyber intelligence, privacy, security services and infrastructure protection.

Swift standard library preview package
Swift announced a new open-source package and enhancement to the Swift Evolution process, the Standard Library Preview package. 

The package provides access to functionality from the recently approved SE-0270 proposal, which includes operations on subranges of collections, such as ‘subranges(where:)’ and ‘moveSubranges(_:to:)’, as well as the supporting ‘RangeSet’ type.

Users can provide their implementation as a standalone SwiftPM package by opening a pull request against the new Swift Evolution staging repository.

The full details are available here.

DataRobot announces new Snowflake integration
The new integration is designed to help users become more effective with AI and dramatically simplify the movement between DataRobot and Snowflake to better save joint customers, DataRobot explained. 

Users can now read data in Snowflake, create predictions in DataRobot, and send those decisions back to Snowflake seamlessly, removing the need for scripts and technical development.

“By leveraging the collective power of DataRobot and Snowflake, organizations can accelerate the adoption of data science and AI like never before,” said Chris Pouliot, VP of data science & analytics at Snowflake. “Through this expanded integration, we look forward to arming our customers with the tools they need to succeed in this data-driven world.”

Codefresh’s new pipeline debugger
Codefresh’s new live pipeline debugger allows users to add breakpoints and work interactively with the pipeline, similar to an IDE. 

“While most CI solutions offer just a simple SSH connection to the builder node, we wanted to take pipeline debugging to the next level and allow you to debug your Codefresh pipelines in the same manner that you debug an application: with breakpoints,” the team wrote in a post

Codefresh chief technology evangelist Dan Garfield will demo Codefresh’s CI/CD platform with the live CI/CD debugging tool at the Software Architecture Conference in New York this month.