Fugue announced a free tier for Fugue Developer, which provides automation tools to visualize cloud infrastructure, identify misconfiguration risks, and demonstrate compliance

“The cloud upended traditional IT security, forcing hard tradeoffs between agility and security,” said Phillip Merrick, CEO of Fugue. “Fugue Developer puts cloud security in the hands of the software developers building and maintaining cloud-based systems so they can free themselves of these frustrations once and for all.”

In addition, the company explained Fugue Developer allows developers to: auto-generate visualization diagrams of cloud infrastructure; identify cloud misconfiguration risks and policy violations; demonstrate cloud infrastructure compliance; and monitor changes to cloud infrastructure. 

OutSystems announces AI assistant app dev capability
OutSystems announced that it has embedded AI and machine learning into its software to make building applications even easier and faster for everyone. 

The release of this AI-assisted capability provides developers with the processes for defining logic flows and inline suggestions for the next step. 

“By leveraging state-of-the-art AI and machine learning research done in-house and in collaboration with top research institutions, we succeeded in creating an artificial expert that allows them to be more productive and effective,” said António Alegria, OutSystems head of artificial intelligence.

Mozilla updates its bug bounty security program
Mozilla updated its Web Security Bounty Program by increasing bounty payouts and adding new critical and core sites to the program.

Mozilla doubled all web payouts for critical, core and other Mozilla sites as per the Web and Services Bug Bounty Program page. In addition, it tripled payouts to $15,000 for Remote Code Execution payouts on critical sites.

Anaxi app gives Sentry users mobile access
Anaxi announced the mobile availability of Sentry application monitoring and error reporting, giving development teams the ability to manage their software products throughout the entire SDLC. 

“Having all of this data in one place will help improve the quality of any software project. Sentry adds data on users’ experience once the software is deployed in production, so any errors are reported and developers are able to pinpoint and resolve issues,” said Marc Verstaen, co-founder and CEO of Anaxi. 

Information aggregated by the Anaxi app includes software code, along with the history of its development, from GitHub and Bitbucket, project management and its history maintained in Jira and GitHub, and error reporting that comes from Sentry.

Appery.io now offers Ionic 4 Builder

Exadel announced that Appery.io now offers the Ionic 4 App Builder and a production-ready solution for building mobile apps. 

“Ionic 4 allows developers to build Progressive Web Apps in a way that is future-proof, fast and framework-agnostic. Bringing Ionic 4 to Appery.io gives users the flexibility and intuitive design they need to craft modern applications,” said Igor Landes, CTO of Exadel. “Additional features added this month support agile and effortless development, making this version of Appery.io the best yet.”

Other upgrades to Appery.io include event support, mapping, storage support and simplified coding.