The latest version of Git is now available.

In Git 2.26.0, protocol version 2 – which starts with the client request and provides a way for the client to tell the server which references it’s interested in – is now the default. 

The new release also includes new config options form a few different files: one for the repository, one for the user, and one for the whole system. Options can be set from the command line. 

Updates to ‘git sparse-checkout’ asks the server to only send tree and commit objects instead of all blobs, and then it tells the client to expect that some objects from the repository may be missing.

Full details on the update are available here.

Apache weekly updates
The Apache Software Foundation said it strongly recommends suspending all travel associated with official ASF business and events through May 2020.

The organization also added that it doesn’t anticipate significant disruption to its operations since much of its community already works remotely. 

ASF also wrote that it’s distributed team on three continents keeps the ASF’s infrastructure running around the clock, and that  Warsaw, Poland, joins Indore, India and Beijing, China as the latest Apache Local Community (ALC) Chapter.

More updates from ASF are available here.

The IIC announces software trustworthiness best practices whitepaper
The Industrial Internet Consortium announced a whitepaper on software best practices and addresses various aspects of creating, acquiring and protecting software for IIoT systems. 

It also provides practical and actionable best practices for recognizing, addressing, managing and mitigating risks and their sources, and includes numerous use cases.

“This new whitepaper addresses the critical and often misunderstood aspects of creating trustworthy systems,” said Bob Martin, one of the authors of the whitepaper, and co-chair of the IIC Trustworthiness Task Group. “It will help anyone who uses software and systems to create, buy, operate and maintain them in a trustworthy manner.” 

Additional details are available here.