Developers can now customize and pin the precise metrics that matter to them in a personalized KPI section at the top of their Google Play Console application dashboard.

Google provides an extensive list of available metrics including the new engagement and peer to peer comparisons that make it easy to find what developers want so they can select and edit dimensions and filters to suit exact needs. 

In addition to suggested metrics, developers can also pin any other dashboard card to their KPIs. 

“There are as many ways to customize your KPIs as there are people using the console. Instead of seeing default KPIs, now everyone can have a customized dashboard showing exactly the metrics that matter to their individual workflows,” Tom Grinsted, product manager for Google Play, wrote in a post.

Camunda’s latest platform release
Camunda announced a new productivity boosting feature that enables development teams to deliver critical process automation projects faster.

New features include a catalog of reusable process components that work across technologies, RPA modernization with point-and-click orchestration across RPA tools, enhanced process analytics and dashboards. 

“Providing professional developers with the best and most productive experience is critical for enterprise scale processes and applications. At the same time, in large enterprises there is a wide range of processes that need automation and process designers with different backgrounds and skill sets. This release helps further expand the talent pool for process automation initiatives including low-code developers and RPA engineers,” said Camunda CTO Daniel Meyer. 

Code Fellows teams up with CodeCrew
Code Fellows announced that it is partnering with the CodeCrew School to help underrepresented minorities obtain skills in software development, ops and cybersecurity. 

“As part of the CodeCrew Code School mission, we seek to increase diversity in the tech ecosystem. The Code Fellows and CodeCrew partnership will allow us to provide a flexible coding curriculum and increase course offerings to our community. This will give more individuals exposure and knowledge to be confident we have the skills to gain employment in the tech industry,” said Erin Johnson, program director for the CodeCrew Code School. 

CodeCrew educates and mentors those who are most underrepresented in tech and Code Fellows tailors its curriculum to fit learning styles, meet employer expectations and industry standards. 

Apache weekly update
Last week the Apache Software Foundation saw the release of Apache SkyWalking APM 8.5.0 in which indices and templates of ElasticSearch have been changes and the frontend-maven-plugin was updated to 1.11.0 with a new downloads noad x64 binary on Apple Silicon. 

Updated releases also included APISIX Ingress Controller 0.5.0, Parquet Format 2.9.0, Jackrabbit 2.21.6 and Oak 1.22.7,  Syncope 2.1.9, Qpid Proton 0.34.0 and JMS 0.58.0  and much more. 

Apache Solr 8.8.2 was released with fixes for vulnerabilities in which unprivileged users were able to perform unauthorized read/write and misapplied Zookeeper ACLs could result in a leakage of configured authentication and authorization settings. 

Additional details on all of the new items from Apache are available here.