The digital services and consulting provider Infosys unveiled a new set of Enterprise Agile DevOps capabilities that will help businesses strengthen customer-centricity and innovation.

Enterprises can transform the way they develop and deliver products and services by reimaging customer journeys. 

“Forward thinking firms are now evolving to a product centric operating model to ingrain customer centricity, business agility and innovation in the fabric of their organizations. Building product management and experience design capabilities are becoming the need of the hour,” said Ravi Kumar S, president of Infosys. At Infosys, we leverage our wide range of Enterprise Agile DevOps platforms, expertise, and tools to help clients create new ways of collaboration, orchestrate, and deliver products and solutions against robust business outcomes.”

Algolia announces Series D funding

Algolia announced that it received $150 million in Series D funding that the company will use to scale, serve the increased demand for the company’s Search and Recommendations products, and fuel the company’s continued global expansion into adjacent markets and use cases.

“Algolia helps power developers’ search and content discovery capabilities with an API-first approach that can be applied to SaaS applications and e-commerce, as well as enterprise applications across industries,” said Mala Gaonkar, portfolio manager and managing director at Lone Pine Capital. 

Algolia provides an API platform for dynamic experiences that enable organizations to predict intent and deliver results.

Ampere to acquire OnSpecta 

Ampere announced its intent to acquire OnSpecta to accelerate AI inference on cloud-native applications. 

The OnSpecta Deep Learning Software (DLS) AI optimization engine can deliver significant performance enhancements over commonly used CPU-based ML frameworks. 

“The addition of deep learning expertise will enable Ampere  to deliver a more robust platform for inference task processing with lower power, higher performance and better predictability than ever. This acquisition underscores our commitment to delivering a truly differentiated cloud native computing platform for our customers in both cloud and edge deployments,” said Renee James, founder, chairman and CEO of Ampere Computing.

Blue Prism announces integration with Alteryx for better data analytics

The new integration will merge analytics automation and robotic process automation to drive better business outcomes. 

Blue Prism developers can include an Alteryx analytic process within their RPA driven processes via the Alteryx Visual Business Object (VBO) for Blue Prism Process Studio, adding robust analytic and machine learning intelligence to their digital workers’ actions.

“Pairing Alteryx with Blue Prism’s intelligent automation improves the quality of data extracted, enabling customers to use data automation across the entire enterprise, facilitating smarter and faster decisions. This is critical for future-focused businesses that want to remain agile, productive and competitive,” said Nitin Brahmankar,  global vice president of ISV and ecosystem partnerships at Alteryx.