The global IT service company Tata Consultancy Services (TCS) announced that the ninth season of its TCS CodeVita won a Guinness World Record for being the world’s largest computer programming competition totaling 136,054 participants.

The 2021 competition brought together college students from around the world to see who ranked among the top student programmers globally. 

“In a world where technology, innovation and creativity are playing a pivotal role, this competition is fueling a passion for programming in brilliant young people with diverse educational, social, geographical, and cultural backgrounds,” said Ananth Krishnan, the CTO at TCS.

This year’s competition champion was Ben Alexander Mirtchouk of the Stevens Institute of Technology in New Jersey. 

Arctic Wolf Managed Security Awareness announced

Arctic Wolf announced its Managed Security Awareness program that helps organizations learn how to protect against social engineering, phishing attacks and credential theft.

The solution includes training and phishing simulations to reduce the likelihood of a cyber threat and also includes 24/7 account takeover monitoring that reduces the impact if credentials are exposed.

“Our unique and automated approach ensures progress over time, while the ongoing engagement from the Concierge Security Team keeps organizations informed about their risk exposure and offers actionable strategies to minimize it,” said Nick Schneider, the president of Arctic Wolf. 

Esper $30 million Device DevOps funding

Esper announced $30 million in funding for its IoT DevOps platform.

Esper’s platform aims to bypass traditional internal DevOps teams by enabling developers and engineers to securely streamline the deployment and management of distributed fleets of Android edge devices, according to the company. 

“Just as AWS rapidly accelerated the time to bring a web application to market, Esper gives developers and engineers the platform to bring their dedicated devices and associated apps to market exponentially faster,” Yadhu Gopalan, the CEO at Esper wrote in a blog post.

Apache weekly roundup

Last week at the Apache Software Foundation saw the release of Daffodil 3.1.0, which adds a new code generation back-end and added support for generating C code with limited parse and unparse capabilities. 

Recent releases also include Karaf runtime 4.3.2, Calcite Avatica 1.18.0, Kafka 2.7.1, Allura 1.13.0, Qpid Dispatch 1.16.0 and SkyWalking Client JS 0.5.1. 

Also, Ignite Summit — the premier event for developers who want to use Apache Ignite starts tomorrow. 

Additional details on all of the news from Apache are available here.