Okta signed a definitive agreement to acquire Auth0 for approximately $6.5 billion in Okta Class A common stock and Auth0 will operate as an independent business unit inside of Okta. Okta and Auth0 are both identity platform providers.

“Okta and Auth0 have an incredible opportunity to build the identity platform of the future,” said Eugenio Pace, the CEO and co-founder, Auth0. “We founded Auth0 to enable product builders to innovate with a secure, easy-to-use, and extensible customer identity platform. Together, we can offer our customers workforce and customer identity solutions with exceptional speed, simplicity, security, reliability and scalability. By joining forces, we will accelerate our customers’ innovation and ability to meet the needs and demands of consumers, businesses and employees everywhere.”

Additional details on the acquisition are available here.

Altova 2021 release 2 announced
The new Altova Version 2021 Release 2 includes a revamped XML Grid View in XMLSpy, support for XSLT3 for XML data mapping in MapForce, a charts and statistics dashboard in FlowForce Server, and more.

The XML Grid View now includes the ability to view Base-64 images as graphics, as well as the ability to adapt displays by swapping table rows and columns, and real-time validation and SmartFix auto-correction.

“These new XML Grid View features take this editing paradigm to the next level, allowing developers to not just visualize, understand, and edit an XML document more easily – now they can achieve far more than is possible in a text editor alone,” Altova explained in an announcement.

More information is available here

LogDNA releases Usage Quotas
LogDNA’s Usage Quotas are a new feature that allows users to set daily or monthly limits on the volume of logs stored and gives users more granular control of their data.

“Development teams want to see all of their logs but budget owners need a way to predict and control the amount that they’re spending. Usage Quotas help admins better manage their cost while still giving users the tools they need to succeed,” said Tucker Callaway, the CEO of LogDNA.

LogDNA will notify teams whenever a quota is hit and the alerts can be configured within LogDNA and include integrations to email and Slack.

Scarf Gateway released
Scarf Gateway was launched to help open-source developers measure their software’s usage and connect with their commercial end-users.

Scarf Gateway is a secure central access point for software packages and containers independent of a host registry,

The new solution provides insights to developers on versions, platforms, locations, companies, cloud environments and much more. It also helps remove permanent vendor lock-in since distribution URLs stay static and under a developer’s control.