Parallel Agile announced a new version of CodeBot, a low-code MongoDB, Express, React and Node (MERN) stack application generator that now connects screens to databases and provides an extensive library of UI components.

“This release finally achieves our product goal of an end-to-end application generator, which supports an evolutionary, domain-driven approach to agile development,” said Matt Stephens, the chief architect and director of software development at Parallel Agile. “UX-focused iterations that would have previously taken days or weeks can now be turned around in minutes.” 

CodeBot uses domain models and wireframes to build enterprise applications, and the latest release creates a fully-integrated web app and automatically deploys it for testing.

Hazelcast announces Hazelcast Platform

The new Hazelcast intelligent applications platform can serve as a single platform for transactional, operational and analytical workloads. 

It combines the capabilities of a real-time stream processing engine with in-memory computing.

“While data continues to be an enterprise’s most valuable resource, it’s only useful if they can derive actionable insights in a timely manner,” said Kelly Herrell, the CEO of Hazelcast. “The Hazelcast Platform represents a monumental step forward for the creation of real-time, intelligent applications that help enterprises capture the value they otherwise would miss.” 

CognitiveScale announces Cortex Fabric 6

CognitiveScale announced Cortex Fabric Version 6, a low code developer platform for automation, augmentation and transformation of knowledge work and digital experiences.

The solution gathers business outcomes that are then delivered through KPIs to help create trustworthy applications faster. 

“Enterprises need to build trust into their AI-driven applications; it’s become essential in the market. The consequences of launching unethical or biased applications are prohibitive. At the same time, not making the best use of all the data and insights companies have to differentiate represents an incredible missed opportunity,” said Matt Sanchez, CTO of CognitiveScale.

Pharo 9 released

The latest version of the pure object-oriented programming language includes a full redesign of the Spec UI framework, new tools, Fast universal non-blocking FFI  which now uses libFFI as a backend and more.

Version 9 uses SDL 2.0 as a back-end by default and supports extended event handling, including trackpad support.

It also includes support for Idle VM, ARM 64bit and Apple M1. Additional details are available here.