Quick Base announced that it acquired cloud-based integration and automation platform Cloudpipes to provide an enterprise platform for low-code development, integration and workflow automation. 

The new features that come with the integration include a UI builder, 150 pre-built connections to SaaS applications such as Salesforce, Google, OneDrive and Slack. 

“Our customers will now have a unified view across all their applications, with the ability to push and pull data and insights from application to application and from legacy systems, automating workflows that have traditionally been fully out of reach or difficult to wrangle,” Quick Base wrote in a post

FileMaker rebrands as Claris
Workplace innovation platform File Maker is rebranding itself as Claris — a name meaning clarity, illumination — in light of a new CEO and its aim to expand and diversify the platform. 

According to the company, a workplace innovation platform allows users to create custom adds that fit custom needs, share those apps, and integrate them into software services or devices. It aims to bridge the gap between the need for companies to develop software and the lack of enough web, mobile and app developers to keep up with the demand. 

“We’re building a world for a different type of developer – the creative problem solvers that live across every industry: healthcare, construction, municipal government, K-12 education, you name it,” wrote CEO Brad Freitag in a post

NVIDIA announces breakthrough in BERT training time
NVIDIA announced that it broke new ground by training the Transformer-based language model BERT-Large in just 53 minutes. 

The Bidirectional Encoder Representations from Transformer (BERT) can be trained with plain text and dedicated to understanding tasks such as translation, Q&A, sentiment analysis, sentence classification, NVIDIA said. 

“The fact that these models can work on massive unlabeled datasets have made them a hub of innovation for modern natural language processing (NLP) and by extension, a strong choice for the coming wave of intelligent assistants with conversational AI applications across many use cases,” NVIDIA wrote in a post

Redgate SQL Clone tool
Redgate launched the latest version of its SQL Clone database provisioning solution to “enable DevOps to scale with new database provisioning features for growing teams.”

Key features include the ability to provision database copies (clones) in reduced time and size that act like the original, a new teams feature that gives control over which teams have access to which clones and the ability for teams to create their own clones in compliance with regulations. 

“SQL Clone’s new Teams feature enables DevOps teams to self-serve not only safe data, but the precise data related to their particular project. That helps them boost efficiency (it’s what DevOps is all about, after all), and progress DevOps and agile development methods hand-in-hand with privacy regulations,” Redgate stated.