Stack Overflow has released a beta of Dark Mode for its website. According to the company, this was one of the most requested features.  The request for Dark Mode was the 12th most upvoted question on Stack Overflow’s Meta community (out of 41,785 questions) and the #1 most upvoted on Feature Request overall.

However, the company added that it has no plans to bring dark mode to the many sites across the Stack Exchange network because it would require redoing the artwork completely. 

“Despite the challenges, this opportunity was too big to be ignored. Today, we are proud to announce the release of Dark Mode in beta for Stack Overflow. We want to share it with our community, especially our power users, and gather feedback so we can improve, iterate, and expand Dark Mode in the future. You can opt-in Dark Mode through your user preferences. You must be logged into your Stack Overflow account to get this option,” the company wrote in a post.

SmartBear acquires TM4J
SmartBear announced the acquisition of Test Management for Jira (TM4J), a QA and test management app in Jira for enterprise teams, from London-based Adaptavist. 

TM4J helps users to coordinate all testing activities including test planning, authoring, execution, tracking, and reporting, according to the company.

“Seamlessly integrated into the Jira user interface, TM4J is flexible, intuitive, and powerful, providing traceability for smarter and faster agile testing inside Jira,” SmartBear wrote in a post

Visual Studio 2010 version 16.6 Preview 2
The new version comes with new features such as version control, which allows developers to begin working on code by browsing online GitHub or Azure repositories through Visual Studio and cloning them locally.

The update also comes with a new .NET Async tool as part of the Performance Profiler suite of tools, which adds ease to understanding and optimizing async/await code in .NET, as well as new multi-target JavaScript/TypeScript debugging and service worker Support.

Additional details are available here.

Hyperledger Besu now in active status 
Hyperledger Besu is a client for the public Ethereum mainnet as well as for permissioned consortium settings. 

It contains enterprise-grade features such as privacy, permissioning, and consensus mechanisms. 

“Now that Besu is an active project, we plan on continuing to encourage enterprises, individual contributors, and application developers alike to explore and support Besu to ensure it continues to evolve to fit each of their purposes,” the Hyperledger team wrote.