Coding Dojo and MIT Bootcamps are teaming up to focus on accelerated learning programs through the Coding and Innovation Bootcamp, which teaches core innovation principles. 

Students will first go through an intensive three-week online bootcamp led by MIT instructor where they’ll learn entrepreneurial problem discovery and problem-solving. 

Then, they’ll attend a six-week online Coding Dojo bootcamp that teaches web and software development fundamentals including HTML, CSS, and basic JavaScript, as well as the full Python programming stack.

Additional details are available here.

Axiom raises $7 million to help DevOps teams get control of data
Axiom raised $ 7 million to help DevOps teams gain control of their data.

Axiom gives DevOps teams a cloud-native, enterprise-grade solution to store and query their data all the time in one interface, without the overhead of maintaining and scaling data infrastructure.

Additional details are available here.

Qualcomm announced Small Business Accelerator Program
The Qualcomm Small Business Accelerator Program is designed to help small businesses convert to a mobile-first work environment to thrive in today’s business climate. 

The program will include collaboration tools and technical and integration support.

Approximately 25 small businesses will be selected and each will receive a unique selection of products and technical support valued at up to $25,000.

“Small businesses are very important to the country’s economic growth and prosperity,” said Cristiano Amon, the president of Qualcomm Incorporated. “Qualcomm Technologies creates products and services that enable users to stay mobile and connected, which will help small businesses remain competitive as the way we work changes.”

Additional details are available here.

Apache weekly updates
Lsat week Apache released Apache NetBeans 12.0 with added support for the latest Java language features, new code donations from Oracle for Java Web development, and enhanced Apache Maven tooling.

Additionally, Apache released  Apache Beam 2.22.0, ShardingSphere 4.1.1, Jackrabbit 2.20.1, as well as the updated libraries Apache Commons BCEL 6.5.0, and  Apache Commons IO 2.7.

The Apache Software Foundation also stated that the Airflow Summit 2020 will be held online between July 6th and 17th and the Beam Summit 2020 will be held between August 24th and 28th online for free. 

Additional details on all of the news from Apache is available here.