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Appsmith, the open-source project that helps developers build internal tools, announced that it received $10.5 million in funding plus new real-time commenting and Git-sync features.

The new real-time comment feature enables users to communicate directly, provide feedback, and collaborate while working on internal tools. 

Also, the Git-sync feature, currently in testing with beta users, gives developers the option to check their software into version control, commit their changes, create new branches to test or review changes in isolation and finally merge those changes to be deployed to their teams. 

“Building software is only one part of the equation when it comes to agile teams; adoption and improvement of the software is equally important,” said Abhishek Nayak, co-founder and CEO of Appsmith. “Agile teams enable shorter feedback loops so that the software meets the user requirements and is easily adopted within the team. Agile teams are also able to involve the entire team in the software-building process and leverage individual skill sets to their potential. Teams need to review code changes, test those and gather early feedback before the internal tools go live.”

The company was founded in mid-2019 and its open source software has been downloaded over 5 million times with users at over 1,000 enterprises in 100-plus countries.