Continuous intelligence company Sumo Logic announced that it acquired JASK Labs, a provider of cloud-native autonomous security operations center (ASOC) software. 

Sumo Logic plans to expand its cloud-native security intelligence solution to supersede legacy SIEM technology. Ninety-three percent of security professionals think traditional SIEM solutions are ineffective for the cloud, according to the company.

The Sumo Logic Continuous Intelligence Platform is designed to fit into hybrid and multi-cloud infrastructures, and deliver elastic scale for securing highly dynamic workloads; on-demand security analytics capacity and deployment agility; and new horizontal, collaborative and scalable workflows across security, IT and other lines of business; according to the company. 

With the acquisition, JASK Labs will integrate ASOC with Sumo Logic’s cloud SIEM to transform security alerts into actionable insights in order to allow analysts to identify and respond to incidents faster and more efficiently, according to a post.

“Over the past five years, we’ve worked with customers and experts on the front lines of this disruption to uncover what will truly have an impact on improving the performance of security analysts that have been mired with alert fatigue,” said Greg Martin, the CEO of JASK. “We’re excited to bring together our collective security DNA and joint customers and partners to create a powerful security intelligence solution that provides a cloud-native best-in-class modern SOC and analytics solution.”

Sumo Logic aims to expand its portfolio by the end of the year with the launch of the Sumo Logic ASOC solution as well as a Spec Ops offering for threat hunting to enable the linkage of upstream emerging DevSecOps models with the downstream SOC workflows, closing the loop for adaptive cloud scale defense.