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Report: 93% of IT leaders struggle with application modernization

Cloud consulting company, Asperitas, has revealed the results of its survey on enterprise application modernization. The report showed that despite widespread agreement that there is value in application modernization, several enterprise IT executives are still struggling with the process. The survey looked at 150 IT leaders who have been involved with some sort of application … continue reading

premium Selecting the best path for application modernization

It’s safe to say that microservices architecture is no longer an emerging new trend, but a mainstream software development strategy. Microservices aren’t just ideal for developing new applications, but are also optimal when modernizing legacy applications. Writing functionality into bite-sized, reusable components is more efficient and speeds up development. It delivers code that meshes well … continue reading

PaaSLane shifts emphasis from cloud migration to app modernization

Cloud Technology Partners is shifting its emphasis from migrating applications to the cloud to making them cloud-ready through modernization, culminating in today’s release of version 2.5 of its PaaSLane application platform. “Companies are moving the simplest, least important apps [to the cloud] to see how they can make the cloud work for them,” said Ben … continue reading Protection Status