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Atlassian adds help-desk tools to JIRA

Issue-tracking tool is expanded, along with new tools for treating JIRA as a database for help desks and internal support … continue reading

SD Times Blog: Atlassian shrugs

The fight between Atlassian and GitHub will be huge, and a boon to developers … continue reading

Open source burrowed deeper into the enterprise in 2012

From Apache to Git to NoSQL, open-source tools and platforms continued expansion into enterprise development … continue reading

With Atlassian and Perforce, Git goes enterprise

Traditional enterprise software development tool players are now pushing Git as a solution for business-code management … continue reading

Atlassian announces app store for app developers

JIRA maker opens doors of application marketplace for development and collaboration tools and add-ons … continue reading

Atlassian works to bring DVCS behind the firewall

Repository manager brings Git behind the firewall for enterprise use … continue reading

Atlassian talks up the distributed future

Developer collaboration tools company finally closes its oldest feature request, and shows off a Web-based future … continue reading

Atlassian updates Bamboo to 3.0

Update also adds support for the Git and Mercurial version-control systems … continue reading

Atlassian throws its weight behind Mercurial SCM

Development process tool company buys Bitbucket, the Mercurial-based code repository … continue reading Protection Status