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How to get Git into the enterprise

Developers love Git. But as Git adoption grows in the enterprise, the complexity can become overwhelming, and in retrospect, some say more thought should have been given to things like access control. While centralized version control systems remain popular, Git is gaining traction fast, especially among agile teams. Since more enterprise tool vendors are integrating … continue reading

Agile: The team game

Experts explain how organizations can transition development teams to agile, best practices to follow, and what to watch for … continue reading

Atlassian unlocks Git for the enterprise

New Atlassian Git Essentials solves fundamental Ppoblems teams face in implementing Agile development workflows … continue reading

Atlassian adds help-desk tools to JIRA

Issue-tracking tool is expanded, along with new tools for treating JIRA as a database for help desks and internal support … continue reading

SD Times Blog: Atlassian shrugs

The fight between Atlassian and GitHub will be huge, and a boon to developers … continue reading

Open source burrowed deeper into the enterprise in 2012

From Apache to Git to NoSQL, open-source tools and platforms continued expansion into enterprise development … continue reading

With Atlassian and Perforce, Git goes enterprise

Traditional enterprise software development tool players are now pushing Git as a solution for business-code management … continue reading

Atlassian announces app store for app developers

JIRA maker opens doors of application marketplace for development and collaboration tools and add-ons … continue reading

Atlassian works to bring DVCS behind the firewall

Repository manager brings Git behind the firewall for enterprise use … continue reading

Atlassian talks up the distributed future

Developer collaboration tools company finally closes its oldest feature request, and shows off a Web-based future … continue reading

Atlassian updates Bamboo to 3.0

Update also adds support for the Git and Mercurial version-control systems … continue reading

Atlassian throws its weight behind Mercurial SCM

Development process tool company buys Bitbucket, the Mercurial-based code repository … continue reading Protection Status