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Big Data TechCon highlights expanding needs of enterprises

At Big Data TechCon in Chicago this week, attendees were treated to a glimpse of the future of Hadoop and large-scale data processing. With new solutions such as Apache Apex and Snowflake, enterprise options were shown to be expanding fast. Keynote speaker Owen O’Malley, cofounder of Hortonworks and a 10-year veteran of the Hadoop project, … continue reading

Spark ignites excitement at Big Data TechCon

Apache Spark stole the show at the Big Data TechCon in Boston this week. Thanks to a keynote address from Spark’s creator, and a number of tutorials focused on the project, attendees had plenty of Spark information on hand to learn at the event. While Spark was not the only Big Data topic being discussed … continue reading

How to prioritize what you’re developing with Big Data

The spotlight turned to data analysis and real-world business use cases at Big Data TechCon, which winds down today in San Francisco. Talk was of day-to-day work and decision processes needed to support large-scale Big Data operations, with topics such as Hadoop, Spark, NoSQL and traditional relational databases, and how they can be leveraged for … continue reading

Big Data TechCon welcomes LinkedIn to technical program

BZ Media LLC today announced its opening keynote at Big Data TechCon, the how-to technical conference for IT professionals implementing Big Data. Gloria Lau, manager of data science at LinkedIn, will keynote on “Building Data Products: The Right Order of Things.” The three-day conference, October 27 – 29, will feature the keynote at 11:45 am … continue reading

Doug Cutting: Why Hadoop is still No. 1

How Hadoop become the de facto standard, and what it plans on doing next … continue reading

Big Data winners and analytics on display at Big Data TechCon

Conference looks at Big Data success stories and what else is down the line for the technology … continue reading

Zeichick’s Take: Moving into Big Data mode

What you should look out for when you come to Big Data Techcon … continue reading Protection Status