Topic: bill of materials

OWASP releases new standard for BOM

The Open Worldwide Application Security Project (OWASP) announced the launch of OWASP CycloneDX version 1.5, a new standard in the Bill of Materials (BOM) domain that specifically targets issues of transparency and compliance within the software industry.  CycloneDX v1.5 goes beyond established standards, by introducing ML transparency (ML-BOM), Formulation (MBOM), and enhanced support for SBOM … continue reading

2020 Software Supply Chain Must-Knows

Open source software is taking the world of software development into new frontiers and changing the way industries create and consume software. However, there is a learning curve with open source use and businesses need to not only be able to trust the open source software being used in their solutions, but they need to … continue reading

True cost: Managing open-source and third-party code

Using open-source code can lower costs dramatically, but you have to use it the right way to see the benefits … continue reading Protection Status