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SD Times news digest: Arc’s remote developer community, the Bytecode Alliance, and Nintex advances automation

The remote career platform Arc announced plans to help developers build their remote careers with a new platform and community. The new open remote platform aggregates more than 54,000 remote developer jobs from more than 13,000 companies hiring. Developers can also use the Arc community to ask questions, share experiences and discuss challenges.  RELATED CONTENT: … continue reading

Top technology companies form the Bytecode Alliance to focus on WebAssembly

In an effort to make WebAssembly a cross-platform, cross-device computing runtime, Mozilla, Fastly, Intel and Red Hat have announced the Bytecode Alliance.  The new alliance is an open-source community that will focus on creating a runtime environment and associated language toolchains that provide security, efficiency and modularity across a wide range of devices and architectures. … continue reading Protection Status