The remote career platform Arc announced plans to help developers build their remote careers with a new platform and community. The new open remote platform aggregates more than 54,000 remote developer jobs from more than 13,000 companies hiring. Developers can also use the Arc community to ask questions, share experiences and discuss challenges. 

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“We believe you deserve an extraordinary career no matter where you live,” said Weiting Liu, founder and CEO of Arc. “And we believe remote work unlocks more equal access to opportunities for people all over the world. We are building the world’s best remote job search experience and community to help more developers build stronger, genuine remote careers and set themselves up for long-term success.” 

The Bytecode Alliance grows

Mozilla, Fastly, Intel and Microsoft have announced the incorporation and expansion of the Bytecode Alliance. The alliance aims to advance the development and adoption of WebAssembly. 

“We have a real opportunity to change how software is built, and in doing so, enable small teams to build big things that are both secure and fast. Mozilla believes that WebAssembly has the right technical ingredients to build a better, more secure Internet, and that the Bytecode Alliance has the vision and momentum to make it happen,” said Bobby Holley, distinguished engineer at Mozilla and Bytecode Alliance board member. 

Nintex announces new pre-built configurations

The pre-built configurables are focused on process maps, workflow and forms automation, and robotic process automation templates. According to the company, this will help organizations accelerate digital business transformation initiatives. 

“Our pre-built and easily-configurable digital business solution templates are designed to save every organization valuable time while accelerating how fast processes can be documented and automated,” said Nintex Chief Product Officer Neal Gottsacker. “Every process map and automation template is built to meet specific business process scenarios across departments and industries like government, financial services, manufacturing, and more.”

The company provides an accelerator gallery with free online resources; a workflow code to auto-import Nintex tenant details into relevant templates. And temples for employee onboarding process maps and workflow templates. 

Anaconda and HP team up on data science

The partnership is designed to support the data science community with Z by HP integration and preloaded Anaconda software. According to the companies, this will take the guesswork out of optimizing data science environments and reduce the time it takes to setup and configure environments. 

“A key focus that we have at Anaconda is helping data scientists do their work more efficiently and breaking down the barriers to data science,” said Peter Wang, CEO and co-founder of Anaconda. “Part of that includes ensuring data scientists have the proper tools available to them; through this collaboration with Z by HP, we can ensure that more data scientists have access to the software they need.”

IEEE Bootcamp announced

In partnership with the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE), IBM has announced the IEE Bootcamp, a 12-week program for university students to learn the latest AI, blockchain and data science skills. 

“Throughout the program, participants will learn how to leverage tech for good to address elemental components of climate change such as, zero hunger, clean water and sanitation, and responsible consumption and production,” the IBM Call for Code team wrote in a post