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C11/C++11: Building blocks for the future

C gets a standardized memory model, while C++ is now “easier to teach and learn” … continue reading

Go offers scalable alternative to C++

Proponents cite Google language’s new concurrency and Unicode support as reasons to give it a look … continue reading

The Trouble with Gerrold: Lessons from programming languages

Computer education in America would be better served by focusing on programming languages … continue reading

Zeichick’s Take: Put away the forklift, I’ve got FORTRAN on my mind

Programming languages today are a good mix of updated legacy languages and new tools based on modern concepts … continue reading

Code Watch: Here comes functional programming

C#’s popularity means functional programming is here to stay and poised to overcome its roadblocks … continue reading

Dennis Ritchie, creator of C programming language, dies

Also worked to bring the Unix operating system to fruition … continue reading

Intel’s Parallel Studio adds Cilk Plus extensions for C/C++

Update to Intel’s tool chain for multicore developers includes faster compilers, updated analysis tools … continue reading

Windows & .NET Watch: C++ is still going strong

With the C++0x standard moving forward, what does the language still hold for today’s users? Apparently, a lot … continue reading

Windows & .NET Watch: Waiting for C# 5.0

C#’s new rewriting capabilities give this complex language new life, though it may be intimidating at first for newbies … continue reading

LLVM update focuses on C++

Low Level Virtual Machine 2.8 offers a new debugger and improvements to Clang … continue reading

GCC prepares to build in C++

The open-source compiler gets the go-ahead to include C++ code in its makeup … continue reading

LLVM gains Libc++, new version of Glasgow Haskell Compiler

Standard C++ library gets updates ahead of C++’s own updates … continue reading

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