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Building an Effective Data Governance Strategy

The ability to manage data well is central to any organization’s mission. At Capital One, we’re dedicated to changing banking for good and empowering our business users to access quality data at scale and in real-time is critical to this transformative work. How did we make this possible? By making an upfront investment in building … continue reading

How Capital One is strengthening the software supply chain

As we see an increase in use of open source software, a well-managed supply chain and secure software delivery pipelines are critical for business success, according to Nureen D’Souza, leader of Capital One’s Open-Source Program Office and speaker at cdCon 2022. “It’s important to implement a company-wide culture with security ingrained that allows developers to … continue reading

Hadoop Summit hints at growth in platform

The Apache Hadoop project has long been big enough for its own conference, this time in its ninth year. During the keynote at Hadoop Summit from Hortonworks’ cofounder and chief architect Arun Murthy, the company detailed its plans to improve the security, governance and ease of use of the Hadoop platform and its ancillary support … continue reading Protection Status