Topic: databases

Diving into the Big Data pool

Hadoop is at the center of the big-data universe, but a handful of companies are providing alternatives … continue reading

If you’ve given up on relational databases for the cloud… You’re nuts!

Companies are finding that combining the good parts of relational databases and cloud technologies can speed up development … continue reading

Getting in a Big Data state of mind

No matter how you deal with Big Data, you must be prepared to use it and handle any issues surrounding it … continue reading

SQL: More than three decades old and still thriving!

The database language has come a long way, but today it faces new challenges … continue reading

Oracle update to Data Modeler gives access to Subversion

Company’s database customers now have access to powerful database analysis and modeling tool … continue reading

NASA Apache data-management project gains top-level status

Object-Oriented Data Technology enables data searching over widespread physical databases … continue reading

PostgreSQL database garners new attention

PostgreSQL 9.0 adds hot-standby capabilities and streaming replication to the open-source enterprise-ready database … continue reading

Just say NoSQL

The burgeoning movement wants to promote its ability to complement SQL, not to replace it … continue reading

Developers cluster around Gluster open file system

Focusing on commodity hardware, this open-source NAS solution wants to get developers interested in storage systems … continue reading

Integration Watch: Where will that big data go?

Processing large amounts of data has led to some innovations, but much more will be needed for the future … continue reading

Apache Cassandra database project gets an update

Version 0.6 brings this NoSQL project closer to Apache Hadoop, looks to the future of scalable data applications … continue reading

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