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Security, automation and developer experience: The top DevOps trends of 2024

If you ask most folks to describe the top DevOps trends in 2024, you’ll likely hear buzzwords like AI or DevSecOps. Those are certainly trendy topics. But based on the work I do on an everyday basis helping businesses plan and execute DevOps strategies, I’m noticing a different set of salient trends in the world … continue reading

Year in Review: Developer productivity

One of the big themes of 2023 was the enterprise struggle to make developers more productive. And the strategies for making that happen included the creation of developer platforms, changes in culture to allow developers to experience joy in their work, and understanding how to measure if a developer or their teams are being productive. … continue reading

Atlassian announces release of Compass DevX Platform

Atlassian today is announcing the general availability of Compass, the company’s new developer experience platform. With developers getting lost in today’s decentralized, complex world of APIs, libraries, UI elements, frameworks and tools, Compass is designed to guide developers to their true north – delivering exciting new products that align with business goals and satisfy customers. … continue reading Protection Status