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Top tech companies team up on e-mail security

1&1 Mail & Media, Google, LinkedIn, Microsoft and Yahoo want to ensure e-mails are secure. The companies have sent the Internet Engineering Task Force a proposal for a new system that provides better encryption. The proposed system, SMTP Strict Transport Security (SMTP STS), is designed to address the STARTTLS extension to SMTP. According to the … continue reading

Inventor of modern e-mail Ray Tomlinson dies

When sending an e-mail today, remember that people use the “@” symbol for sending messages because of a man named Raymond Tomlinson. He died Saturday, March 5, of a suspected heart attack, according to reports. E-mails are sent within seconds in today’s modern world, but during Tomlinson’s time, it existed in limited capacity. Electronic messages … continue reading

Zeichick’s Take: When do we want it? Now!

If your automated e-mail response system takes longer than a minute to activate, you have a problem … continue reading

Do you share e-mail addresses?

It’s assumed that e-mail addresses represent one person only, but that’s not always the case … continue reading Protection Status