Topic: embedded development

Developers are gaining more tools for the edge

The edge is growing, and cloud providers know it. That’s why they’re creating more tools to help with embedded programming.  According to IDC’s research, edge computing is growing, with 73% of companies in 2021 saying that computing is a strategic initiative for them and they are already making investments to adopt it. Last year, especially, … continue reading

The Qt Lite project makes Qt available for any platform, thing or size

The cross-platform application development framework Qt is getting stripped down for developers. The Qt company has announced the Qt Lite project, a new initiative to give developers the ability to use only what they need from the Qt framework. “The amount of devices and things surrounding us are rapidly increasing, becoming more intelligent and requiring … continue reading

Guest View: Contrasts in embedded systems

When you’re coming up with design for your embedded system, keep in mind how customers will compare yours to others … continue reading

Windows 7 Embedded adds multimedia modules

Modules for multi-touch and Windows Media Center aim to bring the platform to consumer devices … continue reading

Rhodes framework brings agile to mobile development

Tools for test-driven development and the ability to write interfaces in HTML facilitate the agile methodology … continue reading Protection Status