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Top five challenges development managers are facing today

Debugging company Rookout surveyed developer and DevOps managers in the cloud-native space to get a better view of how increased pressure to digitally transform is impacting their ability to form and maintain successful teams.  RELATED CONTENT: How you organize your development teams matter According to the report, the five challenges managers are struggling with are: … continue reading

How you organize your development teams matters

Among the roles played by development managers is to serve as the middle man between the business and developers. They have the hard task of facilitating the needs and wants of the business and end users through their development projects. How they set up, organize and empower their teams can result in the success or … continue reading

The dev manager’s dilemma: To code or not to code

There is very little difference between an engineering manager and traditional business manager. Both types of managers need to be able to organize, motivate and help teams as well as meet business goals in a cost-effective way. The difference is the work that is being managed.  According to Lorenzo Pasqualis, vice president of engineering at … continue reading Protection Status