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Mozilla blocks Flash in Firefox

More and more tech companies are piling on the “Occupy Flash” movement as Adobe’s Flash Player continues to be beset by publicly known security vulnerabilities. Mark Schmidt, Mozilla’s head of Firefox support, tweeted that the company has officially blocked Flash in all versions of Mozilla Firefox. He clarified that the block will only remain in … continue reading

Analyst Watch: Adobe beyond Flash

Flash will still receive some support from Adobe; IBM’s Worklight purchase sheds light on its mobile plans … continue reading

Zeichick’s Take: Was Apple right about Flash?

The company picked HTML5 over Adobe’s technology; time has proven it to be the right decision … continue reading

Adobe updates Flash, AIR runtimes

Company sees future for technologies in gaming, video/media applications, and data-driven apps … continue reading

Adobe updates Flash Builder, Flex for mobile

New UI components help developers create applications for smaller form factors, and can access core device functionality … continue reading

Adobe does end-run to get Flash on iOS

Wallaby can convert Flash Professional files into HTML, giving an opening for Flash to the iOS … continue reading

Of Flash, Silverlight and HTML5

With no clear winner likely to emerge from the trio, what do developers expect will happen with these frameworks? … continue reading

Sauce mixes up Flex, Flash testing

Sauce for Flex and Flash can test Flash, HTML and JavaScript applications in one browser page … continue reading

Flash or HTML5? It depends on the user

UI developers say that Flash is preferred for non-mobile platforms, while HTML5 is preferred for mobile … continue reading

Zeichick’s Take: No winners in the Apple-Adobe imbroglio over Flash and HTML5

While Apple’s moves will work for it in the long run, it short-term moves are bad for developers … continue reading

Adobe ties Creative Suite projects to the back end

Flash Catalyst allows developers to design interfaces to data applications with Adobe’s Flex framework tools … continue reading

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