Topic: functional programming

SD Times GitHub Project of the Week: JSCity

JavaScript is empowering JavaScript to build a 3D JavaScript conceptual city. If that sounds meta, it’s because this week’s featured GitHub project, JSCity, is an implementation of the CodeCity source-code visualization environment brought to life with three.js, the popular JavaScript library enabling 3D visualizations, to illustrate facets of the JavaScript programming language as the infrastructure … continue reading

SD Times GitHub Project of the Week: SIMP

The NSA is getting into open source with the System Integrity Management Platform (SIMP), a cybersecurity tool for the masses. From the National Security Agency, the governmental organization that brought you PRISM and the arsenal of surveillance tools leaked in the Snowden files comes SIMP, a Linux framework designed to provide a combination of security … continue reading

SD Times GitHub Project of the Week: Trine

Trine is “the library modern JavaScript doesn’t deserve, but needs right now,” at least according to its GitHub description. As Finnish developer Jussi Kalliokoski puts it, Trine is a utility library geared at tapping the full potential of functional programming in JavaScript. Kalliokoski explains that despite functional programming improvements introduced in both ECMAScript 5 and … continue reading

Code Watch: Two great paradigms, great together

Functional programming is bigger than ever. Between Apple’s new Swift programming language, the availability of F# and Scala on the CLR and JVM respectively, and even the introduction of lambdas to Java, mainstream programmers are increasingly expected to be comfortable not just with object-oriented terminology, but with the jargon and mindset of the functional community. … continue reading

SD Times news digest: September 24, 2014—iPhone 6 TouchID hacked, another Microsoft bug bounty

Apple’s Touch ID vulnerable to attack Lookout security researcher Marc Rogers warned that the fingerprint reader on the iPhone 6 is vulnerable to attack, just as the iPhone 5s was. “When the iPhone 6 came out, the first thing I wanted to find out was whether or not there had been any changes to the … continue reading

Code Watch: Embracing Java 8

The additions and improvements in Java 8 are a further push toward the functional programming paradigm … continue reading

A functional programming crash course for Java developers

Once developers understand lambdas, functions, immutable state and asynchronicity, they’ll understand functional programming … continue reading

Code Watch: Functional programming: A sequence of FARTS

A new way of looking at functional programming is to break it down into this particular sequence … continue reading

Code Watch: Two years with Scala

Thanks to Scala’s convenience, soon every mainstream language will be a “functional programming” language … continue reading

Letters to the Editor: Whom are you calling a snob??

Larry O’Brien’s words about smugness have drawn rebuttals; a female programmer agrees with getting rid of “brogramming” … continue reading

Code Watch: A paradigm for your thoughts

Functional programming still has many hurdles to get over, but its imminence is undeniable … continue reading

Code Watch: Functional programming’s smugness problem

Functional programming techniques are held back by those who practice them being not nice to other people … continue reading Protection Status