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SD Times Open-Source Project of the Week: GitLab Protocol Fuzzer Community Edition

GitLab has announced that it is open sourcing its fuzz testing engine Protocol Fuzzer Community Edition.  According to GitLab, fuzz testing is the process of “inputting unexpected, malformed, and/or random data to measure response or stability of an application or service.” It helps developers discover software bugs that are often missed by typical QA methods … continue reading

GitLab announces new acquisitions for its DevSecOps portfolio

GitLab announced two acquisitions this week focused on providing security to its platform. Peach Tech is a security firm that specializes in protocol fuzz testing and dynamic application security testing, and Fuzzit is a continuous fuzz testing solution. “Bringing the fuzzing technologies of Peach Tech and Fuzzit into GitLab’s security solutions will give our users … continue reading

Fuzz testing finds industries left vulnerable by unsecured software

There are potential zero day exploits in the open source protocols and common file formats across six specific industries, according to Synopsys’ State of Fuzzing 2017 report. This includes the automotive, finance, industrial control systems, Internet of Things (IoT), government, and medical fields. The report stems from more than 4.8 billion fuzz tests conducted by Synopsys’ customers … continue reading Protection Status