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SD Times news digest: GitLab 11.4 released, breached, and Tableau’s roadmap

GitLab has announced the release of GitLab 11.4. According to the company, this update includes new features that will enable teams to more efficiently work together. The latest release will offer more efficient code reviews with new features such as Merge Request Reviews and a file tree for diffs. GitLab is also introducing Feature Flags, … continue reading

From the Editors: U.S. government joins modern era of development

Common methodologies and development practices seemed to be foreign concepts to the U.S. government, which could simply throw more and more money at software problems that never appeared to get solved. But recent ventures lead us to believe that the government might finally be ready to shake off the dust and join the 21st century. … continue reading

Velocity NYC Roundup: How they tried to fix

As the New York City Velocity conference winds to a close, this year’s Web operations and performance event was highlighted by some engaging speakers and a laundry list of Web development news and releases from companies big and small. In addition, Mikey Dickerson, a former Google engineering manager who’s now a member of the tech … continue reading

SD Times Blog: Breaking down the code

Programmer who worked on site cleanup counts 3.7 million lines of code for primary codebase … continue reading

SD Times Blog: White hat hacker accessed 70,000 records in four minutes

TrustedSec CEO David Kennedy testified before Congress about the security vulnerabilities of … continue reading

SD Times Blog: is in good shape, but is it good enough?

The deadline is over, and while the website no longer crashes and burns when accessed, it still has major problems … continue reading

A chat about the future of software and the enterprise

Version-management guru Christopher Seiwald talks about, continuous delivery and more … continue reading

SD Times Blog: Trio of programmers outdo in three days

Although technically helpful to the cause of the ACA, this achievement underscores how slipshod its online rollout was … continue reading

SD Times Blog: gets some Huggins

A good sign: Jason Huggins bails on an interview to go save the government’s fledgling healthcare site … continue reading

From the Editors: Don’t blame

The problems with the site’s rollout rest mainly with healthcare companies’ shoddy, old systems … continue reading

Zeichick’s Take: The end of Big Software was doomed to failure for five specific reasons, which are endemic to all huge software projects … continue reading

SD Times Blog: Developers are like my cat

Developers frequently want to pick about and refine code, and sometimes we need to let them do that … continue reading Protection Status