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Divergent views over supplemental compute

Intel and nVIDIA go toe to toe over the high-performance supplemental compute market, and things have already gotten ugly … continue reading

Intel unveils PCIX-based coprocessor

A new 60-core PCIX-based coprocessing unit offers HPC without proprietary GPU-based development … continue reading

Intel kicks off Developer Forum

New version of tools and unified developer network were among the first-day announcements … continue reading

Intel unveils Parallel Studio XE 2013

Update to developer tools adds Java debugging support and more-reliable floating-point performance … continue reading

Report reveals who’s writing Linux

Red Hat remains the top contributor, with Intel and Novell jockeying for second place … continue reading

Android performance tools hit the market

AndEBench and a bevy of graphics performance analysis tools aim to clear out Android performance bottlenecks … continue reading

Harnessing the GPU for multicore processing

Parallel programming is becoming more commonplace, and companies are devising and revising products to meet demand … continue reading

Intel appears to let go of MeeGo

After Nokia bowed out on the Linux-based OS last year, Intel has all but given up on the fledgling platform … continue reading

Intel’s Parallel Studio adds Cilk Plus extensions for C/C++

Update to Intel’s tool chain for multicore developers includes faster compilers, updated analysis tools … continue reading

Intel updates and expands multicore development tools

New bundles of updated parallel and threading tools are targeted at C and Fortran developers, among others … continue reading

Netbook users find an app store targeted at them

Intel’s AppUp supports non-native apps, unique in the app store marketplace … continue reading

Intel opens virtual Manycore Testing Lab

The chipmaker turns to academia to boost education around building applications for multicore systems … continue reading Protection Status