Intel’s Developer Forum kicks off today, and the show will include a host of news for developers, highlighted by the update of Intel Parallel Studio XE to version 2013. The new version includes debugging support for Java and more reliable floating-point processes. Additionally, Intel announced that it would be consolidating its many developer networks into a single cohesive network.

Christos Georgiopoulos, vice president of the Software and Services Group and general manager of Developer Relations Division at Intel, said that the newly named Intel Developer Zone will include all of the content, educational materials and software that had previously been available across Intel’s many different developer sites.

Specifically, he said, Intel Developer Zone will offer help for developers building software on multiple platforms, working with multi-threaded applications, or working on HTML5.

“We’re also launching an HTML5 initiative, with tools capabilities and all kinds of stuff we can give to developers, so they can address in a standardized way the fragmentation of the ecosystem as it is now,” said Georgiopoulos. “We believe we want to give developers a way to write down to the metal if they want. HTML5 gives them that capability.”

He said the Intel Developer Zone will be free for all developers, with some paid-for tools offered inside the network. “This is completely free, like it always has been. We’ve transitioned logins of developers, so basically all the people that have been using our facilities are auto-registered for this. Some of the tools are free, some are not.”

Intel also hopes the new Intel Developer Zone will spark participation in open-source projects from members. Specifically, Georgiopoulos mentioned Tizen, an effort to build a feature-phone operating system.

“We encourage developers to participate in our open-source projects there, specifically what we’ll be doing with Tizen,” said Georgiopoulos. “We’ll incentivize them to contribute collateral.”

Intel’s new Developer Zone opens today.

Intel also updated its Parallel Studio development suite; read more about it here.