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Code Intelligence introduces integration of Jazzer.js into Jest

The automated testing platform Code Intelligence recently announced that it has integrated its open-source JavaScript fuzz testing engine, Jazzer.js, into Jest, a unit testing framework for JavaScript. Jazzer.js is a free, coverage-guided, in-process fuzzer spanning the Node.js platform. It is currently available within JavaScript’s node package manager. With this, developers can use Jest for both … continue reading

Meta Open Source to donate Jest to the OpenJS Foundation

Meta Open Source has announced that Jest, its open-source JavaScript testing framework, is officially being transferred to the OpenJS Foundation. According to the company, this comes as an exciting next step as Jest continues to mature as an open-source project. This open-source project serves to enable developers to write high performance tests with little configuration … continue reading

SD Times GitHub Project of the Week: Jest

Jest, a JavaScript testing framework, was created to run thousands of tests at Facebook, but since this painless JavaScript test runner is open source, any developer can get started by installing it themselves. Jest allows Facebook to virtualize JavaScript environments, utilizing Jasmine assertions by default. Jest is also modular, extendible and configurable, providing browser mocks … continue reading Protection Status