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Django REST framework kickstarts new release

The popular Web API framework for Django is looking to move forward with a major new release, and to do so it is turning to Kickstarter. “Since its initial release in 2011, Django REST framework has been developed almost exclusively in personal time,” wrote Tom Christie, author of the framework, on the project’s Kickstarter page. … continue reading

SD Times Blog: Bringing Android to your PC

New Kickstarter project, Console OS, promises to let users toggle between Windows and Android on desktop and tablets … continue reading

iOS developer wants others to learn by doing

Kickstarter campaign aims to create an online learning curriculum … continue reading

SD Times Blog: One ring to rule all the devices

Ring, a new wearable, controls and writes on smartphones using Bluetooth gestures with just (what else?) a finger … continue reading

From the Editors: Move beyond the Big Data hyperbole

Big or small, everyone needs to pay attention to Big Data; Kickstarter is blazing a trail to a new way of funding software … continue reading

SD Times Blog: Code Hero, how to flambé $170,000+ in Kickstarter funding, and the need for an Office Square…

A mystery over a Kickstarter project gives numerous lessons on how to keep your creditors happy and hopeful … continue reading

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