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From the Editors: Technology in search of a raison d’etre

Wearables When talking about the Internet of Things, people usually think of the software in their cars, or smart appliances that communicate with back-end systems to keep the house running smoothly, or robots on factory floors doing manufacturing. When talk turns to wearable devices, though, the conversation seems to begin and end with watches, wristbands, … continue reading

Intel challenges interface perceptions

So-called “perceptual computing” should bring a host of new interface options to developers … continue reading

Kinect to your applications

Microsoft’s technology is a game-changer as devices move toward motion input … continue reading

From the Editors: Of course we have predictions

What’s in store for 2012? And what will gesture controls bring to software development? … continue reading

Microsoft reports record revenue for quarter

Business Division sales grow 20% from prior year; Kinect motion-control sensor launch drives Xbox sales … continue reading Protection Status