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LambdaTest announces Test Analytics to improve decision making

The team at the continuous quality testing cloud platform LambdaTest today launched Test Analytics, allowing teams to add custom widgets as well as create dashboards to access a more comprehensive view of their test execution.  According to the company, this release offers DevOps teams the ability to track the progress and quality of testing spanning … continue reading

LambdaTest launches support for macOS Ventura on its continuous testing platform on the cloud

 LambdaTest, a leading continuous quality testing cloud platform, has launched support for macOS Ventura operating system for both real-time and automation testing platforms. This now enables developers and testers to test their websites and web applications for compatibility with the latest Apple OS. macOS Ventura is the latest release of macOS, Apple’s desktop operating system for Mac computers. … continue reading

Reduce test execution times to keep up with pace of delivery

In this era of Agile software development, the life of a product manager, who has to talk about or plan a single feature, is easy. The life of a developer, who has to code one feature, is easy.  For the designer and DevOps engineer, designing and deploying one feature is easy. You know who’s life … continue reading Protection Status