The team at the continuous quality testing cloud platform LambdaTest today launched Test Analytics, allowing teams to add custom widgets as well as create dashboards to access a more comprehensive view of their test execution. 

According to the company, this release offers DevOps teams the ability to track the progress and quality of testing spanning several LambdaTest product lines through personalizable dashboards that aim to enable improved decision making. 

In addition, users can access the important information on tests such as test inconsistencies, test case health summary, browser/OS/device categorization, test trends, test status ratio, and more.

“Stitching together data from multiple sources is time-consuming. With LambdaTest Test Analytics, we want to enable a seamless view of test execution data for development teams. With Test Analytics, decision-makers will have all the necessary information at their fingertips,” said Mayank Bhola, co-founder and head of product at LambdaTest. “Over the last quarter, we’ve added new features to all our product lines-Selenium, Cypress, Playwright, real-time testing, real devices, etc to enable our customers to do seamless testing. We are constantly enhancing our platform to make the lives of our users easier.”

To learn more about LambdaTest Test Analytics, visit the website