Topic: mobile development

Zeichick’s Take: This week, the iPad cometh

Not every developer may be interested in mobility, but it is worth keeping an eye on … continue reading

Zeichick’s Take: For mobile apps, it’s indy, corporate and enterprise IT

There are three kinds of IT developers, and each will have different interests in the three major mobile platforms … continue reading

Gomez delivers cross-browser performance monitoring

Focusing on the wide variety of browsers for both PCs and mobile devices, Gomez provides a way to look at apps like users do … continue reading

From the Editors: Agile isn’t an all-or-nothing choice

The editors say that shops should go their own way re: agile, and that mobile development gains from two main competitors … continue reading

Appcelerator dev environment targets Android, iPhone

This unified development environment compiles JavaScript into Objective-C or Java, and will support iPad at launch … continue reading

WAC works on common mobile app platform

Mobile phone operators are joining together to compete with commercial smartphone app stores … continue reading

Windows & .NET Watch: Five predictions for the next decade

Larry O’Brien sees a future where mobile development becomes mainstream and multicore development becomes mandatory … continue reading

premium From the Editors: Looking back at 2009

The big stories of 2009: the cloud, Java and mobile development. For 2010, all those will be big and more … continue reading

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