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Jitterbit update takes integration to ‘Citizens’

Jitterbit is pushing integrations to the people. The company will push its Jitterbit Harmony Winter ‘17 update to customers tomorrow morning in the hopes of spreading its integrations platform to the unwashed, non-developer masses. The Winter ‘17 is aimed at creating “Citizen Integrators” by implementing a point-and-click path to developing integrations between internal and external systems. … continue reading

Oracle buys NetSuite

Oracle today announced plans to buy NetSuite, an Internet-based ERP company, for US$9.3 billion. While this is one of Oracle’s largest acquisitions to date, it is also something of a coming home to roost, as Oracle chairman and cofounder Larry Ellison already owned more than 40% of NetSuite. Founded in 1998, NetSuite was originally funded … continue reading Protection Status