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How policy-as-code can simplify API security

Most organizations today use hundreds  of applications in their environment, and with that they employ hundreds of APIs to connect these to the necessary web servers. Due to the flow of sensitive information, it’s crucial to manage policies that ensure controls are in place to only authorize appropriate access, as well as actions that can … continue reading

Eclipse updates MQTT tools

Eclipse is picking up the MQTT (Message Queue Telemetry Transport) standard for easing the creation of Internet of Things products. To support MQTT adoption, the Eclipse Foundation has released Eclipse Paho 1.1 and Eclipse Mosquitto 1.4, which implement the client and broker ends of the MQTT equation, respectively. MQTT is an OASIS standard that was … continue reading

OASIS announces ISO and IEC approval of AMQP 1.0 as international standard

Open, interoperable Advanced Message Queuing Protocol for business messaging approved for standard release … continue reading

Open Data Protocol moves to OASIS for standardization

Consortium of companies is working on a method for exposing data via browsers or machines … continue reading Protection Status