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premium Online privacy: The realpolitik of browser wars and the future

I started collecting my thoughts on this topic at the start of 2020, a time just a short while and a whole era ago. Matters of heated discussion back then made way for whole other concerns, but as you know firsthand – more and more of our daily lives is getting online, ensuring that the … continue reading

EFF releases annual ‘Who Has Your Back?’ report

As our lives become more digital through social media, e-mail, mobile apps and online accounts, we leave a trail of data throughout the Internet. To help users ensure that they aren’t leaving parts of that trail in unsafe places, the Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF) has released its annual “Who Has Your Back?” report. The report … continue reading

Survey judges companies based on how they protect user privacy

The EFF releases a report on the trustworthiness of technology companies when it comes to users privacy … continue reading Protection Status