Topic: open source

Breaking down barriers for women in open source

The Free Software Foundation recommends mentoring and greater recruitment will get more women involved … continue reading

Illumos spoons OpenSolaris

The newly announced project is seeks to open up OpenSolaris, making a fork of the codebase possible … continue reading

Windows & .NET Watch: A distraction into optimization

Larry O’Brien’s quest to fix his star-capturing camera leads him to multithreading and open-source wrangling … continue reading

Integration Watch: Are open-source foundations still relevant?

Organizations like Apache and the FSF no longer push the relevant open-source projects as others do today … continue reading

Guest View: A litmus test for an open-source company

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From the Editors: OSGi is too complex

OSGi’s benefits do not outweigh the complexity it creates for enterprises; open source should be funded any way possible … continue reading

Sonic ESB embraces open-source frameworks, services

Progress uses POJOs as its default programming model and includes native support for the Spring Framework … continue reading

CoApp seeks to open Windows to developers

The CodePlex project attempts to narrow the package management gulf between Windows and other operating systems … continue reading

Pushing the government toward open source

A non-profit group has made it its mission to show government the benefits of open-source software at all levels … continue reading

CodePlex moves forward with open-source projects

With one gallery released and another on the way, the foundation is looking to diversify its sponsorships … continue reading

OSBC focus turns to best practices for open-source adoption

Businesses are no longer asking why they should adopt, but how do they use open source legally and securely? … continue reading

Short Takes: March 1, 2010

Google Buzz vs. Facebook, real-time translation, a lack of Apple at Macworld, and Eben Moglen talks about the Internet … continue reading Protection Status