Topic: open source

CoApp seeks to open Windows to developers

The CodePlex project attempts to narrow the package management gulf between Windows and other operating systems … continue reading

Pushing the government toward open source

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CodePlex moves forward with open-source projects

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OSBC focus turns to best practices for open-source adoption

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Short Takes: March 1, 2010

Google Buzz vs. Facebook, real-time translation, a lack of Apple at Macworld, and Eben Moglen talks about the Internet … continue reading

Landmark software patent case settled

Case over train control software yields precedent that favors open-source authors … continue reading

Community management for coders

Contrary to popular belief, building up large open-source communities is increasing productivity … continue reading

MuleSoft releases proprietary JMS server

Company insists that it is still developing open-source products as an analyst questions its commitment to open source … continue reading

CodePlex Foundation begins accepting projects

Microsoft has released its ASP.NET AJAX library and Orchard Project to the open-source foundation … continue reading Protection Status