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Eclipse and Codenvy push for Web-based Java IDE

The Eclipse Foundation envisions a future where software is written within a browser. While the Eclipse Orion project has already produced a Web-based IDE for JavaScript, HTML and CSS, today the Eclipse Foundation announced the Eclipse Cloud Development project, an effort to bring even more of the software development tool chain into the browser. The … continue reading

Eclipse puts Orion and desktop tools into Flux

Project announced at EclipseCon also coincides with the latest Java release and an emphasis on the Internet of Things … continue reading

2013: The year of the browser-based IDE

With the release of Orion 1.0 and other Web-based IDEs growing to maturity, 2013 could be the year Web IDEs take hold … continue reading

Eclipse gives limited access to Orion

Web-based tools integration platform now open for developers to apply for beta access … continue reading

Eclipse is readying a brand-new Web-based IDE

Project Orion is aimed directly at Web developers … continue reading Protection Status