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OSCON 2019: Data Asset eXchange, Kabanero, WSO2 API Micrograteway 3.0, and Red Sky Ops

The O’Reilly Open Source Software Conference (OSCON) is taking place this week in Oregon, gathering together industry leaders to talk about open source, cloud native, data-driven solutions, AI capabilities and product management.  “OSCON has continued to be the catalyst for open source innovation for twenty years, providing organizations with the latest technological advances and guidance … continue reading

Open source drives ‘composable infrastructure’

Today’s software world is growing ever more cloudy and every more fragmented. We have myriad programming languages, numerous application platforms and services-oriented architectures (yes, but not the dusty ones of yesteryear!) What is needed to make this work, according to Kelsey Hightower and Sarah Novotny of Google, is a composable infrastructure. “All of this infrastructure … continue reading

Zeichick’s Take: Eleven tech events you absolutely must attend in 2014

If you’re in or near San Francisco, you’ll be easily able to attend most of them … continue reading Protection Status