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Avoiding tech outages in 2017

The holiday shopping season is coming to a close, but the fear of outages will continue to loom over businesses and developers throughout the new year. Top companies such as Apple, Slack, Southwest Airlines, and Uber faced some of the worst outages in history this year, and they had nothing to do with the holiday … continue reading

How IT teams can prevent shopping outages this holiday season

Thanksgiving through Black Friday is a busy season for e-retailers. A lot of revenue is generated during this period of time, and if a site goes down, it’s not just one person who is going to have to do some explaining. The IT team, project managers and the CEO will have to answer to shareholders, … continue reading

Zeichick’s Take: When, not if, your cloud goes down

Cloud-based development tools are great. Wonderful. Convenient. You may access your cloud-based IDE, your cloud-based code repository, your cloud-based storage, your cloud-based test suite from anywhere, perhaps through a browser, perhaps from a thin client. Log in, choose your project, off you go. Except when it doesn’t work. I don’t know if you were affected … continue reading Protection Status