Topic: quality engineering

Reducing the total cost of ownership of software testing

As businesses in all industries continue to grapple with inflation, economic volatility, geopolitical concerns and lingering supply chain issues, leaders are working diligently to increase revenue, deliver on customer experience expectations, and provide greater operational efficiency.  Software development is a core revenue driver for all businesses today due to the strong correlation between a successful … continue reading

Maximizing engineering resources with quality engineering

Modern software development can often feel like a Catch-22: to keep customers happy, companies must deliver new features faster. But deliver too fast without enough testing and bugs can slip into production, frustrating the customers who eagerly awaited the new feature in the first place. This paradigm often pits quality assurance against developers as they … continue reading

Infostretch releases AI-powered software testing suite

Infostretch has announced the release of ASTUTE, a quality engineering suite designed to accelerate digital transformation initiatives and reduce testing efforts by at least 35 percent. ASTUTE is powered by artificial intelligence and consists of intelling testing services, bots and other machine learning techniques. According to the company, today the industry is being disrupted by … continue reading Protection Status