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ScaleArc: eCommerce retailers should start preparing for the holiday season now

It may seem like it’s too early to think about the holiday season, but ScaleArc’s recent survey reveals many Americans are already anticipating popular retailers to have website outages during the 2017 shopping season. In order to help retailers prepare for extreme scalability and continuous IT operations during this time, ScaleArc has already released its … continue reading

SecurityScorecard report: Top retailers have major security issues this year

It’s the holiday season, and retailers are watching their online sales climb. Business may be booming for these companies, but shoppers beware: 100% of these retailers have issues with domain security, according to SecurityScorecard’s “2016 Biggest Holiday Retailers Cybersecurity Report.” When it comes to cybersecurity, retailers have a lot to worry about, especially since these … continue reading

Industry Watch: The need for speed: Reality, or myth?

If you listen to the voices out there in our industry, organizations must release software at a breakneck pace if they want to survive in this consumerized, instant-gratification world of applications. Heaven forbid a competitor develops a new feature before you do. If that happens, you’re told, you might as well shut down your business … continue reading Protection Status