Topic: security

Vi Labs uses to protect revenue from piracy

CodeArmor Intelligence 3.0 also uses Salesforce’s Chatter collaboration features to assist in security decision-making … continue reading

Ada-derived Skein crypto shows SPARK

New language used to create provably correct cryptographic hash function algorithm is released as open source … continue reading

From the Editors: Opening up about security

The editors are glad to see security being discussed at conferences; ScrumMaster certification should be made more stringent … continue reading

Black Hat conference fields suggestions for software security

Attendees give a wide variety of ideas about the subject, with Rex Black adding in some of his own … continue reading

Armorize, Coverity unite to combine quality, security analysis

The jointly created product helps development teams and security teams collaborate on software projects … continue reading

Veracode brings security testing to the cloud

Tests can be run at any point in the development life cycle by using SecurityReview’s Upload APIs … continue reading

Zeichick’s Take: Securing the applications

IBM’s Ryan Berg has written a white paper that lists five vulnberabilities that face application security efforts … continue reading

Short Takes: June 1, 2010

The editors talk about unsafe ATMs, Facebook privacy, Hadoop, and a really cool thing IBM is doing … continue reading

Fortify checks app security before cloud deployment

The Cloud Readiness Scorecard checks for defects and alerts developers of potential problems … continue reading

BSIMM crafts model for building in software security

The BSIMM project gathers security procedures from 30 companies, and has crafted a list of 15 general security points … continue reading

SecurityInsights gives benchmarks for software

The new service from Veracode can perform quick intelligence service checks on software for dynamic or manual testing … continue reading

Why you should broker RESTful Web services with SAML

Layer 7’s Francois Lascelles backs SAML over OpenID for RESTful Web-service security … continue reading Protection Status