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AlphaGo wins last match of Go, Amazon wants to patent paying by selfie, and CloudBees’ new Jenkins certification—SD Times news digest: March 15, 2016

The five matches between champion Go player Lee Sedol and Google’s artificial intelligence program Alpha has come to a close. AlphaGo came out on top, beating the 9-dan professional player four times. The AP noted that this game was thought to be unbeatable by a computer. The head of the DeepMind team, Demis Hassabis, said … continue reading

SD Times Blog: But first, let this Convolutional Neural Network take a selfie

This is bringing our staff back to the days of when high school lists would float around the school, telling us which kids were “hot or not.” Instead of a list, we now have a selfie bot that will rate your selfie. Andrej Karpathy is part of a project involving deep neural networks. On his … continue reading Protection Status